Health & Safety

General Health & Safety 

To comply with government guidelines, The Picnic Hunters experience has been designed in a way for social distancing to be followed. Suitable for groups of 2, 4 or 6 from the same of different households.

The picnics will be packaged to allow for sharing between 2 people. Hand sanitiser, gloves and tongs will be provided with each picnic to avoid cross contamination. 

Games and experience guidelines and rules will be clearly stated in the games booklet provided with each picnic as well as clearly stated to each group picking up their picnic. 

Please engage in all activities sensibly and follow the hints which will be available online, also using the game tips, to help everyone keep their distance

Kitchen Health & Safety 

Flavourology has the highest Food Hygiene rating from the Food Standards Agency of 5 stars, which reflects the excellent standards we maintain in our premises. We are committed to maintaining these high standards through the current COVID-19 pandemic and will be taking extra precautions to ensure the products we deliver are safe.

Note. The Food Standards Agency is not asking food businesses to change any practices over and above what they do to achieve and maintain a 5 star rating as it is not believed that COVID-19 can be passed on through food.

Extra Measures

We have full opening and closing cleaning routines as a business and avoid cross contamination by thoroughly cleaning surfaces and equipment between preparation of different food groups. However, we will now also ensure that:

  • Kitchen linen, including staff uniforms, cleaning cloths and hot oven cloths, is removed from the kitchen each day and deep cleaned at a high temperature.
  • All staff to wear food handling gloves at all times, regularly changing when switching to work on a new food groups.
  • Continue to ask all staff working within our food business to certify that they have a clean bill of health and sign to say they know of no reason why they are not fit to work.
  • Operate a contactless delivery system, phoning clients when we are outside the door to leave food in an appropriate place.
  • Giving delivery drivers access to hand sanitiser to use between deliveries.

Food Safety

So far, there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted through food. The virus however is heat sensitive so additional precautions such as ensuring hot water and soap is used to wash hands as well as ensuring food is thoroughly cooked is recommended and will continue to be undertaken by all staff.

As a food business, we will also endeavour to:

  • Review the country of origin of all raw materials, it may be some items are restricted due to travel lockdowns
  • Ensure that the 3rd party accreditations of our suppliers is up to date
  • Ensure a thorough return to work process is in place for all staff following illness or period of self isolation